Highschool experiences at Paschal H.S. in Fort Worth, Tx

I talked to my grandmother about her experiences at R.L. Paschal in Fort Worth, Tx and how different it is to my experiences as a student at R.L Paschal now

Horn honking car
October 30, 2020 App Interview

Grandpa winter getting mad about the horn honking

Sally Hamamoto and Jeff Rothenbach

Sally Hamamoto (92) talks with her grandson Jeff Rothenbach (52) about her childhood in California, living in Japanese Internment Camps during World War II, and her life after the war as a wife and mother.

Elliot’s driving adventures

Tales from getting his first drivers license in 1945 to RV adventures with Josie

Grandpa’s Tales

We talked about my Grandpa's life before children and true commitment. He shared with me what his life was like when he was younger and who his parents were. His mother was bedridden most of his life and his father...