Deborah Palmer and Terry Maynard

[Recorded Friday, April 28th, 2023] Deborah (64) and Terry (43) have a One Small Step Conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Deborah is a mother of two from Richmond, Virginia and works as an Inspector for UVA's Facilities Management. Terry is a...

My Uncles Story of How He Overcame Drug Abuse

in this interview I briefly went over the story of my uncles journey through drug abuse. I asked him questions such as how he believes this shaped him as a person and how he got through it.

Lenore’s Testimony: From Divorce and Drug Abuse to Healing and a Relationship with God

Lenore, a 62-year-old woman originally from the Texas panhandle, shares her experience with divorce and the downward spiral there after. Through this dark time, God saves her and brings her out of the aftermath of her pain and into a...

On Being Native in the Modern World

I have a discussion with my close friend, Galydia Black, about growing up in a Native family and the difficulties, struggles, and beauty that come from the Ponca heritage. We also talk about struggles Native Americans still face in society...

What made you who you are?

This interview is about my coworker Jennifer. Someone who inspires me on a daily, reminds me to keep my head on straight, and do my best always. To Jennifer, It was a pleasure learning about you more. I love you...

The Effects of Drug/Alcohol Abuse on the Family

In this interview, there are many stories of substance and alcohol abuse and how they have effected a young woman’s life.

My Fathers Resilience

My dad’s two brothers, my uncles John and Steve, abused drugs throughout my father’s teenage years and most of his 20s. My uncle John passed away in 2005 from a drug overdose. My uncle Steve is alive today but is...

My Sister: Her story of Addiction.

On April 25, 2021, in Felton Delaware, Katelyne Davis (29), a student at Delaware Technical Community college interviewed Mackenzie Davis, a 28 year old drug addict, currently in recovery, who also happens to be her sister. This candid interview shows...

Overcoming Addiction

This interview will be about the downfall of a drug addict. It will talk about how and why and what was the reason for getting straight

Olivia Evanson. Concordia, IWC, Olsen. The Hardships of Addiction.

A story of a man who hit rock bottom and just needed one person to believe in him. Now he is turning his life around and is inspired to help people the same way the he was inspired.