Sam Walton V. The Arkansas Economy

Former employee interviews Former team lead of Sam’s Club, where they discuss Sam Walton’s impact on Arkansas with his businesses.

John O'Connor and Jeff Guy

One Small Step conversation partners John O'Connor (74) and Jeff Guy (55) discover they share a similar philosophy to life even as they hold different political views in their discussion of religion, reading history books, political leaders, their relationships and...

Makinde Gbolahan and Sara Barkouli

Sara Barkouli (23) interviews her conversation partner Makinde Gbolahan [no age given] about being an active member of the Africatown community as both a naturopathic healer and community organizer.

Great Recession Interview
September 3, 2023 App Interview

A former banker of the 2007-08 financial crisis recounts their experiences with the crisis.

Molly Schroeder-Linzmeier and Mary Jane Herber

Molly Schroeder-Linzmeier (32) interviews her friend and colleague Mary Jane Herber (73) about her experiences as a librarian and the rich history and economy of Brown County, Wisconsin.

One Father’s Account of the 2008 Recession

Interviewer: Aidan Kerr, 17, child Interviewee: Andrew Kerr, 57, father A discussion on the 2008 recession, the vagaries of job security, helping economically suffering children through architecture, and parenthood.

Laura Trucios and Cesar Heredia: The Immigrant Experience

my parents, Laura Trucios and Cesar Heredia share their story about what it’s like being an immigrant in the United States. They mention the reasons of their departure, their mental struggles, some of the dangers and the political science behind...

The Great Recession

my name is Austin Rodriguez, and I interviewed one on my siblings about the Great Recession for a history project.

Ann Bruttell and Gretchen White

One Small Step conversation partners Ann Bruttell (69) and Gretchen White (66) talk about their similar paths in life and how they diverged, moving away from home and how President Nixon and the Watergate scandal influenced their lives.