Nazik Messerlian’s interview
September 6, 2023 App Interview

Nazik Messerlian (90) interviewed by grandson Gregory (17) on her life experiences. They discuss life’s challenges and the importance of it all.

From the Philippines to America
September 5, 2023 App Interview

Interviewer: Avery Reyes (student) Interviewee: Ryan Reyes (father to Avery) Ryan immigrated to America from the Philippines at age 7. Listen to his experience.

Rosie with Grandpa Bruce

rosie, 17, interviews bruce, 86 and asks about his childhood grwoing uo in the heart of the dustbowl.

Jean Kramer looks at Kramer archival family albums

We came to have many photo albums from my grandmother, Lotte Kramer, and her mother, Ella Faller, from the 1910s-1940s. Jean Kramer, my mom, looks at the album and narrates who the people are and family history, including time in...

We talked again… as if 25-30 years had not passed

Roberto, who immigrated to the U.S. in 2022, discusses how he made an effort to reconnect with 3 school friends after 30 years, only to lose the friendship with 2 of them again, over differing views on the pandemic. This...

Meet the Penza Family: Evelyn & Tony, Owners of the Red Barn Farm & Pie Shop!

The Penza Family, Evelyn & Tony discuss their family history, their immigrant experience in South Jersey, and the dynamic way their Italian-American immigrant-family legacy was created using the foodways of Southern New Jersey.


Marysia McCarrell is 18 years old interviewing Jeremiah Santos a 23 years immigrant from Honduras. In this interview we discuss Jeremiah coming to America and how life is here for him.

Interview w Dad

Listen to me (16) interview my Dad (49) as he talks about childhood in Jordan, moving to the US to be away from war and increased opportunities, his start as a software engineer, and the Muslim faith. If you feel...

Loving America

Niece interviews her Aunt about her birth country Venezuela and about “the melting pot” in Venezuela and in the US, and her gratefulness for this country (US).