Dr Rosemary Lucas – Thanksgiving in 1930’s Palos Township, IL

Rosemary Lucas recalls beautiful and bountiful Thanksgiving holidays at the big farm house of her grandmothers where family gathered and celebrated a good crop and the blessings of a large family!

Allison Scott and Mark Scott

Mother and son Allison Scott (66) and Mark Scott (36) have a conversation about the history, legacy, and continuation of a Community Thanksgiving in Marfa, Texas. They also talk about the transition of the Community Thanksgiving from St. Paul Episcopal...

thanksgiving storycorps

Samara Mansoor, 16 years old, interviewing her dad, Mansoor Qureshi. Thanksgiving Storycorps recording for Ms. Cupps' AP Lang class at Tuscarora High School in Leesburg, Virginia.

memory might disappear but lesson would not

An interview with my sister talking about her life experience and thoughts about her pass.

Great Thanksgiving Interview

Interviewing my sister about thanksgiving traditions we have and want to carry out

Interview with stepdad

My participant’s name was Vinny and he is 47 years old. He is my stepdad and we have a pretty good connection. We mostly discussed about his life completely and how it was back then like, his past relationships, and...

a interview with my dad

my dad gave me a review of his life and how he met my mom and his favorite members for me to understand.