An Amazing Interview With My Mom,Grandma and Aunt!

The interviewer, Autumn Pickarski(17). Interviews with their 3 family members. Joni Simon(Grandmother,65),Christy Hiatt(Aunt,39) and Elisa Hiatt(Mother,42). They discuss topics about how they grew up,what school was like for them,ancestry etc. They share their stories and thoughts throughout the interview.

James William Spencer 4th

I interview my boi james, also known as jimmy also known as heisinberg

Horsley Ben (Thanksgiving Interview 11/27/23)

This was an interview with my mom about regrets where we both took turns talking about regrets we have made and different things we could've done or changed.

Allison Scott and Mark Scott

Mother and son Allison Scott (66) and Mark Scott (36) have a conversation about the history, legacy, and continuation of a Community Thanksgiving in Marfa, Texas. They also talk about the transition of the Community Thanksgiving from St. Paul Episcopal...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen: Oliver Wasson and Anja Wasson

For Thanksgiving 2022, Oliver Wasson (17) sits down with his mother Anja Wasson (57) to discuss the concept of family. Anja, who immigrated from Germany by herself, speaks making the transition between German and American traditions.

The Life and Traditions of a Family of 7.

Isabella Mardigian interviews her aunt Isabella Pirri about family, legacy, and the holidays. Recorded on Thanksgiving Day 2021 in Latham, New York at Nonna and Nonno’s house, the interesting stories about war, immigration, and early life in America with 5...

“Is Thanksgiving important to you?”

In their home located within Egg Harbor Township, Bryanna Ortiz (16) interviewed her mom, Rubi Ortiz (33). Together they reflect back on Rubi’s life and understand experiences and values that family should have. During this, they also discuss Rubi's childhood...

Maiki Albert Interviews Dave Tio.

Maiki Albert and Dave Tio are Chuukese cousins living in Neosho Mo. In the interview they talk about what Dave likes to do for Thanksgiving. They did their interview on december 1 2021 in Neosho Mo.


On Thanksgiving day, I (Emily) and Joenna participated in an interview where we talked about the similarities in our lives and how being an Asian American influences it!