Isabella Short interviews Johnathan Short, discussing growing up in a military family, work, and spirituality.

In this interview, conducted in November 2020 in Atlanta, GA, Isabella Short (17) interviews her father Johnathan Short (54) about his upbringing in a military family, his work life, and his thoughts and personal connections to spirituality and religion. Mr....

Our conversation

Using the One Small Step Prompt and using our own questions

Magda Rocha and her friend Sebastian Ballesteros talk about important moments in their life.

Join us as we discuss some random topics that allow us to get to know Sebastian Ballesteros. We discuss some personal beliefs and important issues in today’s world including the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter Movement.

How 2020 has changed a teenagers life

I interviewed my best friend on how 2020 has been such a weird year and how Covid may have changed their life. We talked about online school and how that has been a hassle amidst quaratine and how it has...

Childhood of a Flint Mom

My mom has her own life, her own experiences and wisdom and in this interview I asked her about her life’s accomplishments and wise words she wanted to tell the future generations. In this interview my mom gives advice that...

Carie Paine: Thoughts on COVID-19, BLM & Biden Election

She talked about the effects of the Pandemic on life as well as the political and social unrest currently savaging the country.

The Influence of Media: Then vs. Now

This interview covers what the influence of media has had on the older generation growing up while also relating to the influence that the media currently has on the different generations.

Maya’s StoryCorps interview

Interview with my mom about her expo with elections and today’s political climate

November 11, 2020 App Interview

me and papa talk about the election