Jack Drevs

Jack and John discuss like at the end of 2020

The affects of 2020 on being a Fourth Grade Teacher and a Mom.

Lisa Beckford (42) talks with her daughter, Ayanna Beckford (14) about the affects of 2020 on her teaching career and her family.

Interview with my brother Mickey

I interview my younger brother Mickey and we talk a little about our family and what’s going on in 2020.

Growing up with a mental disorder

My interviewee and I talked about what it was like growing up with a mental disorder and how she got through the tough times . The interview was conducted on December 6th, 2020 . My interviewee is a happily married...

Impacts of COVID-19 on a 2nd Grader

In this interview, I am interviewing my seven year old niece on how coronavirus has impacted her schooling.

An Interview with Izzy

This is an interview for school with my grandmother.