Alicia Murie and Roberta Pescow

One Small Step conversation partners Alicia Murie (40) and Roberta Pescow (62) have a conversation about their backgrounds, faith, values, and desire to make the world more compassionate. They find common ground in prioritizing family and helping others despite their...

Vicki Ronn and Steven Carey

One Small Step partners Vicki Ronn (63) and Steven Carey (33) have a conversation comparing their perspectives on gun control. They find they both come from families with very conservative views and they both share some libertarian views.

Megan Hoag interviews her uncle John Corcoran about his experiences in the FDNY

While spending time at home on Thanksgiving break, I had the opportunity to interview my uncle about his fire department experiences focusing on the tragedies that occurred on September 11th, 2001. He shared his experience in the fire department and...

Dawson and Arlen Summers, SJSU COMM 111P Fall 2022 – Fire Department Training.
October 7, 2022 App Interview

Dawson Summers interviewed Arlen Summers about training and communication for the San Jose Fire Department. This is a San Jose State University class project. Topics: Physical Training, Psychological Stress, and Communication.

“My science is all about sharing.” An Interview with Paula Buchanan

For Paula Buchanan, disaster scientist and emergency management researcher, the whole point of science is to share it with others so that it can benefit everyone. We talked to her about being a “degree collector,” persevering and setting boundaries in...

Zachary Hottel and Ayla Hottel

Zachary "Zach" Hottel (31) shares a conversation with his wife, Ayla Hottel (29). They discuss Ayla's work in healthcare and Zach's job as a library archivist, as well as Zach's experiences as a volunteer with the fire department.

My Grandpa's Life Story!

This is a short clip of my grandpa's life in the military and the Fire Department.

Thanksgiving Listen 2k19 Jeff and Jamie

Jamie (daughter and interviewer) discussing child hood memories and it’s impacts with Jeff (dad and interviewee.)