Friend Interview

An interview devoted to getting to know one of my good friends better and dive into how moving 2,000 miles from home has affected her life.

The Humanely Emotional Experience

Talking to a 20 year old college student about the human experience through the lense of her emotions

Daughter and dad interview

Interviewing my dad about his past life and life in general.

Allen Woodall and Kaitlynn Griffith

Kaitlynn Ward Griffith (35) sits down with her grandfather, Allen Woodall Jr. (87), to discuss the lessons he has learned throughout his life, his passion for preserving history through museum curation, and each of their future hopes for the museums...

Oral history project

In this interview I questioned my sister on her experience of being a child raising a child, and how it affected her childhood.

Theater Interview

In this interview, I got a chance to hear about what Bryce was most thankful for in life and what some of his best moments thus far have been. He was able to reflect on his positive influences as well...

Quarantine Questions

Talking to my sister about how she is doing in life and during quarantine


I asked him different questions to see where his head is when it comes to his emotions as you all can tell some questions were easier than others for him.