Interviewing my dad

My dad discusses his educational journey and why he came to the U.S.

Interviewing my mom

My mom tells me about her childhood in India and some of the historical events she’s lived through.

Paul Soto & Rori Harris-Killough

Paul spoke with Rori, the creator of the Walk-A-Mile program, to discuss his educational encounter while shadowing a colleague for the program. During their conversation, Paul shares the valuable insights he gained from his experience, particularly in understanding the financial...

Eric Benjamin and David Wright

One Small Step conversation partners Eric Benjamin (56) and David Wright (67) have a conversation about hunting, empathy, and their experiences in Oregon.

Ines Negrette and María Bozo

Amigas y colegas Ines Negrette (no edad) y María Bozo (no edad) hablan de su inmigración a los Estados Unidos, su trabajo en CasaLuz, y las maneras en que han crecido con los años. [Friends and colleagues Ines Negrette (no...

College in Paris

In this conversation I am talking to my neighbor about her time in Paris. She spent all of her college years in France. In the recording we talk about what it was like to study abroad.

11-22-23 Interview with Grandma O

Grandma O, my empathetic 78 year old Grandma, has an inspirational backstory. She partook in many extracurriculars such as doing dance, stage makeup, swim, and taking French, and she worked in a bakery where she met her husband of over...

Carson Berrier and Anna Koutsouftikis

One Small Step conversation partners Carson Berrier (23) and Anna Koutsouftikis (18) talk about how they grew up, their religious beliefs, politics, their interests and what they see and hope for their futures.