Tasha Woods talks about her unique story of meeting and falling in love with her husband.

In this interview, conducted in November 2023, in Valparaiso, Indiana, Briella Woods (15) interviews her mom, Tasha Woods (45), about her experience meeting her husband and their love story. Mrs. Woods shares her story about the unusual way she met...

Comms Listening Challenge

This is a required class assignment for The University of The Cumberlands. The interview takes place between Andria J. & Anthony J., a couple in Lexington, KY. The interview is an exchange about Anthony's career as the director of a...

Rachel Manchester and Melody Fawcett

Rachel Manchester shares about her career at Providence foundational is her faith, Start-up program Hospital At Home. happiness is a choice, clinical excellence, passion for living our Mission our true source of power, God, a calling, serving, leaving things better...

It all started with a VW Bug

Douglas J. McRae (78) and his youngest daughter Talleri Adkins McRae (42) talk about how he met her mom, Mary Alicia, and about what he values most in life

interview with mom

my mother and i spoke about love and what it means and how her experience in the love life have changed her.

Interview With a Southern Gentleman and Patriot

Uncle jimmy tells me about life growing up in the south during world war ll, collage stories, and being part of the navy for 3 years.

Wendy and Libbey

Cute little interview of my mom. I learned more about her childhood, parents (my grandparents), my childhood, and her engagement!

Miriam De Santiago and Ryan Berger

Ryan has a conversation with Miriam who is the recipient of the PHC 2021 VIA award, how she approaches her work and engages with clients to assist them in improving their health with an enhanced quality of life.