The Man of Few Words

This is my interview with my great uncle Si, he grew up in the Chicago area and we talked about events that have happened throughout his life.

Aiden’s past, present, and future

Reese Reittinger (15) talks to her older brother, Aiden Reittinger (19), about his time at Wheeler High School, his freshman year at Purdue University, and what he thinks his future holds. Aiden talks about his inspirations throughout high school, including...

A Path To Admire

Wendy (15) asks her older sister, Leslie (23) about her life after graduating university, now that she no longer lives at home with the family in Dallas, Tx and lives in Boston, Ma.

CarolAnn Shindelar and James Shindelar

James Shindelar (28) interviews his mother, CarolAnn Shindelar (69), about her childhood spent on a farm in Iowa and the impact that had on her life and, by extension, his life.

Wolfgang Lauck and Monica Ennis

Monica Ennis (61) has a conversation with her father, Wolfgang Lauck (94), about him growing up in Germany during World War II and immigrating to the United States.

Cynthia Richmond and Mark Ammann

One Small Step conversation partners Cynthia Richmond (62) and Mark Ammann (62) find they have a lot of unique aspects of their stories in common as they talk about the believing in finding common ground, the foster children in their...

Gary Odehnal engineering career interview

Gary discusses his professional career as a civil and forestry engineer in Oregon, Alaska, and Colorado. He reflects on projects that were especially significant for him -- local parks, bike trails, and recreation areas where he can see children and...

Leon Hoover and Robert Shore

One Small Step partners Leon Hoover (71) and Robert "Bob" Shore (75) talk about their political views and their careers in energy and behavioral health. They reflect on the current state of abortion and energy policy and discuss the influence...

Linda Love Mesler and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Linda Love Mesler, whose family has roots in rural Iowa for hundreds of years, talks about her global childhood, from New York to Cambodia. After becoming a technology lawyer, she settled in Andover and is...

The Story of my Grandpas Life and Career

This interview of my grandpa and I is all about his life and career. He helped to put the first man on the moon and was an important part of the Lunar Module Landing. We also talk about my grandma...