Kathleen b. 1938 Warrington, England

Interview with my grandma Kathleen (Holden). Part I. Air raids in England; social clubs before and after WWII; regrets, grief, strength of mothers.

Son Asks Father On Growing Up in the UK

Ustat Nihal Singh (14) asks Mandeep Singh Rai (43) about his early childhood. He also asks about sacrifices that we’re made for him and how that shaped him as a person.

Life Growing up in the UK

I interviewed my grandad, Colin Powton, who is 75 years old. We discussed what it was like growing up in England in the 1950s like going to school and being in the military, the Falklands, and the Fire Service.

Grandma talks about what life was like in England

In December of 2022, Anthony (15) interviews his grandmother, Sandy (67), who was born in England in 1955, about her life in England and adjusting to life in Canada, and then the United States. One of the main differences was...

Daniel Ireland's stories of traveling the world and immigrating to the U.S.A.

While growing up in New Port, England Daniel Ireland(40) decide at about 8 years old that he wanted to immigrate to the U.S.A, but before that, he wanted to travel the world and complete his college education. In this interview,...

Jim Batchelder and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Jim Batchelder, with thirteen generations in Massachusetts, recollects his life growing up in Andover. After becoming a beloved art teacher for many years, and working closely with the Andover Center for History and Culture to...

Interview with Sebastian & Pamela Sinclair

This is an interview with my grandma on my dads side who was a child during World War Two. During the interview we mostly talk about her child hood but also her memories from life in general.

Avery Eisaman interviews her grandmother, Carol Gavin, about her childhood and what it was like for her growing up.

In Port Jefferson, New York on November 25, 2022, Avery Eisaman (13) interviews her grandmother, Carol Gavin, (71) about what it was like growing up in England and her childhood there. They also talked about what it was like to...

grandads life

this is about my grandads life growing up in England the UK. He now lives in the United States with my grandma and all of our family.

interview with Mom
November 21, 2022 App Interview

family relatives, meeting Dad, coming to america, songs