Writing Tips for Argumentative Essays

Today, we have, Ryan Anderson, linguistics professor at University of New York. We talked about the English language itself and Ryan shared some of his tips for essay writing. Here are some of his tips on essay writing: 1- Read...

My Brother, my Best Friend

This interview is between my brother and I. We talk about who who was to be, his nickname, and a favorite memory he has of me.

Interview Inglés

This interview was about some questions of Melanie’s life.

Interview Inglés

In this record Miriam is answering some questions about her life

February 21, 2019
Haidyn Gunderson and James Smith talk about his childhood and life lessons

Talking to a close family friend who has known me all my life and finding out different values and background stories of his.

February 13, 2019 App Interview
All About Ms.Sims

My lovely neighbor Ms.Sims talks about her life experiences and shares some wisdom.

Beatriz Gomez

I sat down with my mother to talk about what was her most difficult moments in life. Spanish is the language that is used in our household, she beginnings with the loss of her mother and how she felt during...