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Interview with my mom

Madalyn Bricias (Me) and Isabel Vizcarra (My mother). I am 16 years old and my mom is 34 years old. Topics that me and my mom have discussed is about her past and how well she remembered it.

David Waddle and Eunice Cho

"Dancin' Cowboy" David Waddle (67) talks to his new friend Eunice Cho (32) about his passion for Texan dancing, his experience doing the Waltz across Texas, and his career as the "Big Texan," a cowboy entertainer on stilts.

Emalee Farley and El Daña

Emalee Farley (23) and her friend El Daña (75) talk about El Daña's long time male impersonator entertaining in the Fresno area and beyond. Together they talk about the gay bar scene in Fresno in the 1960s, how El Daña...

Yommy life

Sherry Ruff tells you about her life from when she was a kid to now.

Emi’s Peer Interview

We talked about her life and her accomplishments. We talked about her achieving pointe shoes in dance a lot.

Life with Christian Brandon

We talked about his life and favorite things to do.

The great thanksgiving listen with Aba

My grandfather told me a lot about his life and what it was like as a child

The American Dream

The life of my young mother.This tells the short story of her growing up.