Hazel Stabler and Jenise Nicholson

One Small Step conversation partners Hazel Stabler (67) and Jenise Nicholson (75) discuss their frustration with those unwilling to find common ground, share their respective passions for the environment and fashion, and discover a shared relation to the Yaqui tribe.

Water Privatization in McIntosh County Georgia

Helen Ladson (Heritage Works) and Dr. Llewellyn Cornelius (University of Georgia Center for Social Justice, Human and Civil Rights) meet with Mr. Shah Jordan of McIntosh County Georgia to discuss the potential impact of recent Georgia water privitization legislation (HB...

The Impacts that the Pinova/ Hercules Explosion had on the Unhoused Community

Helen Ladson (Heritage Works) & Emmanuel Oke (University of Georgia School of Social Work, Chess and Slums) interview Tony about his memories and experiences of the Pinova/Hercules explosion in the City of Brunswick. He details how the explosion impacted the...

Jacquelynn Mornay and Amy Stelly

Mentee Jacquelynn Mornay (30) speaks with her mentor Amy Stelly (66) about the urban highways of New Orleans, Louisiana, public health, the history and current condition of the Tremé neighborhood, and the EPA study they're conducting.

Growing up in Mossville, Louisiana

interview with environmental justice activist Debra Ramirez of Mossville, Louisiana.

Carlos Menchaca and Veronica Carbajal

Friends Veronica Carbajal (46) and Carlos Menchaca (42) share their experiences of El Paso and reflect on what working toward justice for their community looks like for them.

Nina Moshefi, Anna Moshefi, and Mandisha Thomas

Sisters Nina Moshefi (41) and Anna Moshefi (37) talk with State Rep. Mandisha Thomas (47) about environmental sustainability and environmental justice.

Shamus Thornton and Coleen Cole

Shamus Thornton (50) talks with a fellow environmental justice activist Coleen Cole (70) about her experience with the Fresh Air Vallejo environmental activism group.

Exploring Poverty, Environmental Justice, & Solutions

Interviewee : Zebadiah Francis (Social Action Group 38 leader) Interviewer: Maria Ordenana Add to existing research about perceptions and experiences of those who experience homelessness in relation to how environmental factors compounded their experience with homelessness. Questions center around the...