Walter Escapes the Nazis

Walter, my grandfather, grew up in Vienna during World War II. We only really learned the full story a few years ago, and it was so fascinating to us how such an amazing tale went untold for so long.

White Hair

A two year old girl and her parents escape from Communist Romania during World War II to Israel.

9/11 Survivor Speaks on their Experience

A survivor of 9/11 (my mother) speaks on her experiences in the World Trade Center during and after the attacks.

Sour life

Its the begining of a book that I made

Shadows Within Short Story

It was about a girl who loses her family in a forest, who now has to face survival


A mother raped and kidnapped plans an escape now that her son was 5 years old.

Fighting & Winning the battle against Leukemia

When Francine was 23 years old, she was diagnosed with Leukemia. Thankfully, She has been cancer free for two years! This is just a part of her story.