Ivan Hodes and Tamekia Jackson

Ivan Hodes (40) speaks with his conversation partner Tamekia Jackson (37) about his childhood, West Point education, commissioning as an officer, deployment to Iraq, refusing an unethical order, and remembers Thomas Martin, a classmate who was killed during his military...

Recording – 06-25-2023 13:42:50

Thane Walkup (51 years old) interviews his father (79 years old) about how he ended up in Army Intelligence and was ordered to spy on American citizens in violation of posse comitatus, the consequences of his refusal to follow the...

Jeff Blumenthal and Sean Ozée

One Small Step partners Jeff Blumenthal (62) and Sean Ozée (43) talk about their Jewish community in Oklahoma City, their views on various social issues in Oklahoma, and the "God moments" that have marked their lives.

Paula Siegel and Terry Hutchison

One Small Step partners Paula Siegel (69) and Terry Hutchison (82) share a conversation about their families, the most influential people in their lives, their work, and their hopes and concerns for the future.