Can you pass the Culture test?

Hello everyone this is my first time doing an audio interview it wasn’t quite professional because I did it with my younger sibling and we are a little giggly and loud. But this interview is mostly about our culture and...

Growing up in California with Immigrant Parents

Speaking to Alicia Soto about her childhood growing up in California with Immigrant parents. This was recorded in Orange California in April 23, 2020. Alicia is 44 who came to the United Stated when she was 3 and tells her...

Ishaan Roy and his dad Santanu Roy about growing up in Assam

In this interview from December 2018, Ishaan Roy’s father, Santanu Roy, discusses his life in Eastern India as well as his early experiences with the US. He details the unique lifestyle of rural Assam, including what he liked to eat,...

Interview with Pushpa Lata

We talked about her childhood in India, her kids and her cooking.

Agriculture in India – Interview of Sanjeev Luthra

In this interview, Sanjeev Luthra discusses the food culture in India as well as issues regarding India’s fresh produce.

Empathy Interview with LC
September 13, 2018 App Interview

I spoke with Lydia about her experience being a vegetarian and how it has impacted her life.