Orange You Glad You Did This Amanda?

Interview between Claudia (Miami) and Amanda (Georgia) about their relationship with food and cooking.

Interview with Kristine Guerrero

Kristine Guerrero talks about Mangu, Los Tres Golpes, La Bandera. She explains what it means in her culture and why it is important. She talks about how it is made and how it represents her homeland.

SPAN 277: Interview with Juan about food in Ecuador

In this interview I ask my friend Juan Vascones who is from Ecuador about a certain dish that is very important to him and why. My goal for this interview was to learn the cultural, social, and economic reasons as...

Paulette Isaac Napper and Tomeka Napper

Paulette Isaac Napper [no age given] talks with her daughter Tomeka Napper (45) about leaving a record for her grandson so he knows about her life growing up in the south during the 1960s, family traditions, Jim Crow, and black...

A Talk With My Nan

I talked with my grandma about her grandkids and the delicious foods she cooks.