Interviewing My Grandmother Relating to The Color Of Water

I interviewed my grandmother for a school assignment, asking her questions relating to the themes of The Color of Water by James McBride.

“Who am I”

On December 17, 2019 Lennon Miura, interviewed Mirai Miura (sister) about race and identity.

Childhood Interview

Today I interviewed my sister we had a limited time so my apologies for all the mishaps!! at the very end I was cut off with a power outage but decided to go on with this interview because of the...

Immigrants thoughts on U.S. Society

This is a conversation about identity crisis, racism, privilege, an division among African Americans and Latinos

“The Person Whose Had the Greatest Impact is my Wife”-how coming to the U.S changed my grandfather’s life.

Foti Karoutsos(14) and his grandfather Foti Moutopolos(79) talk about migrating from Greece to America in 1966. They discuss what it was like to be welcomed here, and all the memories and accomplishments he’s fond of since then. His grandfather explains...

Great Thanksgiving Listen Interview with Momma

We talked about her life in the U.S and just basic questions about how she feels.

A Conversation with a Young Immigrant Activist Subversive

Two 20-something year-old Latinas sit down and talk about activist-subversion in the context of our identities, privilege, and power in community. As a social work student, wanted to shed light on an immigrant story of growth, of learning, and connection.