Christianna Martin + Russ Halley

[Recorded: Wednesday, September 21, 2022] Christianna (21) and Russ (71) have a virtual One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Christianna is an undergraduate exchange student at the University of Virginia and Russ is a small business owner and a...

Jennifer McCarthy and Teriyana Morton

Jennifer McCarthy (52) talks with her new friend and "fellow first-born" Teriyana Morton (28) about Jennifer's upbringing, education, and family. Jennifer talks about the impact of a traumatic brain injury on her high school experience and shares about her time...

Debi Smulyan and Nick Meyers

One Small Step participants Debi Smulyan (69) and Nick Meyers (56) discuss their upbringings in Oakland, CA and Erie, PA, respectively. They discuss how their upbringings affect their current political views and talk about the education system and the two-party...

Experiences that shape who we are

Amy Russell sharing experiences of growing up in a small town, life for her in high school, and memories of being an exchange student in Spain.

Exchange student expierence

chiara describes her expierence as being an exchange student here in california

A courageous journey from the Ukraine to US citizenship

Rada Oakley is a successful IT professional in NC where she lives with her husband and two young girls. Rada came to the US as an exchange student from the Ukraine and lived with Bernie and Sondra Edwards in Boone,...

“You love them to death, you miss them like hell when they’re gone, and can’t wait to see them again. They are FAMILY.”

This is the recording of me interviewing my host father Heath Vickerman. He has hosted seven exchange students so far, and he isn't planning on stopping doing it. In this interview my host dad shares his perspective on hosting, tells...