Birmingham Back in Time with Maribel Johnson and her Father

In this interview, conducted on November 26, 2023, in Birmingham, Alabama, Maribel Johnson (17) interviews her father Michael Johnson (58) about his life in Birmingham, the place he never expected to still call home. Mr. Johnson shares various stories about...

Past/Future Interview With Heather.

This is a look back at different parts of our lives and also a look forward.

Storytelling interview
September 15, 2023 App Interview

I interviewed my sister Alaina Bush and she is 16 years old. We discussed her happiest memory of me, what she thought her life would be like, and when the last time she cried was.

Thoughts about studying abroad

Serena and her friend Cathy are talking about studying abroad. What problems does she concern and how she will face it? What expectations do she have?

Thoughts of Studying in a Strange Country

Xulio talks with his roommate, Zhang Chenxing about his expectations and concerns about studying in America.

Vicky and Xuan

Xuan conducted an interview with me. We talked about my plans, expectations and worries in America.

Trystan Craigo and Connor Woodward

Friends and members of Out Loud Colorado Springs Men’s Chorus Trystan Craigo (47) and Connor "CJ" Woodward (62) come together to reflect on their experiences transitioning to male later in life.

Immigration from Greece to the United States

This interview is about my grandfather, Gregory Kokkalis (75), immigration story. It was about his hardships coming from a country that is not as fortunate as America. He also explained his dreams, his experiences, his expectations, etc.Dreams

David Oke Interview

Recording of David Oke and how his experience has been here in the U.S. coming from Nigeria.

Mother and Teenage Daughter Chat About Life

Mother Cindy Ouillette and Daughter Lily Ouillette sit down to chat about life, values, and their relationship.