Interview with mom

Interview with my mother at home about her journey to the United States

Sarah’s First Camping Experience

I asked Sarah about her experience during her first ever camping trip.

BVHS Summer Podcast Project

This interview podcast with mark Twombly discusses some of his personal experiences in his life. He shares what he is proud of, what he has learned in life, and much more.

Much More to Live

Talked about taking initiative and not having regrets for doing the things we’ve done. Discussed what’s left to accomplish and how we would like to be seen by those we care about.

Military life

I conducted the interview with my dad to get a little insight to the military adjustments of life, beings I’m thinking of joining as well!

Religion interview

Interview with Michael carrier. What religion means to him and how religion has affected his life. Also life experiences he has faced.

Fieldwork #4

For the fourth fieldwork exercise I decided to interview my mom about her experience growing up in a different country and then moving at a young age. She spoke about how growing up she spent a lot of time playing...

Getting to know Gavin

Gavin is a friend of a few months who I decided to interview in Ofer to get to know him better. We have a conversation to get to know who gavin is as a person.

Trey interviews Liviya

We talked about her relationship with her ex boyfriend