Interview with my dad

Interviewing my dad about his life and experiences. He tells me about the important people in his life, lessons he has learned in life, and much more.


This interview is about her life experiences and her plan for the future.

English 11

Talked about life and the values it holds. Also Rebecca’s kids and what her future holds

Interview to my dad

I interviwed my dad with great questions to get to know more about his thoughts and opinions.

What it Means to be American

An interview given by High School students, Kaitlyn and Natiya, to better understand what it means to be American

Mr Gates

I interview Mr. Gates and we talk about the ups and downs about his life and I learned things I never would have known other wise and I am genuinely really glad I got to know Mr. Gates more because...

StoryCorps On Anti-Human Trafficking Part 1

David Marmins talked about his experience with sex trafficking and his involvement in this social movement.