Jerlena Griffin-Desta and Franceen Levy

One Small Step conversation partners Jerlena Griffin-Desta (61) and Franceen Levy (76) talked about how coming to the Bay Area influenced their perspectives and how complex and confining political labels and descriptions can be.

Learning More About My Mom Who Is My Best Friend

My name is Brittany Russell and I am 36 years old and my mom, Josie Russell, who is 59 years old will be talking about life, loss, family, and relationships. The location of this interview is Orange County, California and...

Marina Monsisvais, Sylvia Monsisvais, and Mauro Monsisvais

Marina Monsisvais (45) entrevista a sus padres, Sylvia Monsisvais (71) y Mauro Monsisvais (71), sobre su inmigración a los Estados Unidos desde Ciudad Juárez, México. Los dos emigraron sin saber inglés pero tenían un fuerte deseo de lograr sus metas...

Grandma talks about what life was like in England

In December of 2022, Anthony (15) interviews his grandmother, Sandy (67), who was born in England in 1955, about her life in England and adjusting to life in Canada, and then the United States. One of the main differences was...

Soledad Vargas’s Story

The people in this interview is Sophia Ochoa (the interviewer) who is 15 years old, Soledad Vargas (the person getting interviewed) who is 79 years old, Rene Ochoa (translator) who is 45 years old. Sophia Ochoa is the grandchild of...

Papa´s Girl
December 12, 2022 App Interview

Zella Abraham (15) talks with her best friend Sadie Long (17) about heroes and role models, and how they shape who we are.

The Life of Ken Emerick

Ken goes through his accomplishments and wishes for the future. As well as his career choices and family members.