Sonya Hollins and Elvira Bernard

Sonya Hollins (55) interviews her mother Elvira Bernard [No Age Given] about Elvira’s decision to go back to school as single mother of four children in order to become a nurse. They also discuss hurdles Elvira faced in the nursing...


My interview was with Olivia Totty a new coworker and a new found friend she gave me an insight on her well experienced life at only 27 years old.

My mother's twenties: valuable memories of mother's youth

The interview mainly records my mother's memories of her youth. In this interview, my mother talked about her youth, from studying tailoring to getting married and having children. When studying tailoring, my mother was always very motivated and diligent in...

Interview With My Abuelito

Allison Mitchell (16) interviews her Abuelito Bill Mitchell (73) on his adventures to Mexico, Australia, and Florida. Also talking about his passion for art and music.

jeana roxas 5/21/23 honors english 2 final interview mendez b

jeana roxas, 46, caregiver, beverly hills CA discusses her life in the Philippines and her life now in america, discusses family/ job, life lessons and much more

Wilma Bingham and Jana Cox

Jana Lyn Bingham Cox (58) interviews her mother Wilma Martineau Bingham (83) about their family and the messages Wilma would like to share with posterity.

Nickson Frederick and Ameria Alleyne

Ameria Alleyne (36) asks colleague Nickson Frederick (19) about his childhood, perspective on his present and future and how he defines and connects with his community. Ameria also asks Nickson about his involvement in Culture for One and Good Shepherd...

Ava and Kiera- 5/12/23

Ava Hansen interviews Kiera Irvin discussing differences in their childhood and current lives that have led to where they are and who they are as people today.

Blake and Dekendrick

I interviewed my friend Delendrick, about his childhood, what he was taught and what kind of things he went through so far in his life.