discoveries with my grandma

This interview is on my grandma Linda! I’m Nayeli, i’m 18 years old, and we’re in Tulsa Oklahoma. We talked about her childhood and all the funny stories she has, her children and grandchildren, and we talked about spiritual moments.❤️

the new normal

self recording of some life lessons and about love.

Fr. Gregory Kirsch & Kelly Schmidt

Fr. Gregory and Kelly talk about the Table of the King celebration and its significance in the Catholic faith and those of us at Providence Health. The Table of the King celebration was created by Sr. Emilie Gamelin, one of...

Interviewing my sister

I interviewed my 10 year old sister Lily and I asked questions about me and her life

Gene and Joan Dalebroux

On their 65th wedding anniversary, Gene (87) and Joan Dalebroux (85) talk about the joy, adventures, and dangers of farm life in tiny Thiry Daems, Wisconsin. Listen as their daughter Jill talks with them about Belgian traditions, raising a family...

The life of Evelyn Brunson

In this interview we dive into the life and struggles of Evelyn Brunson. Evelyn is currently a student at Houston Christian University. She hopes to provide motivation and hope to those like her.

Interview with Taylor

An interview with my good friend Taylor, 27. We discussed her love life and her relationship with her boyfriend Spike.

Interview with Blaire

This is an interview with my old friend Blair who is 28. We discussed childhood memories and relationships with her family.

Greg talks about parenting

My father, Greg Barnhart, talks about marriage and parenting. When asked questions like “What impact has being a parent made on you”, his answers include faith, marriage, and unconditional love.

Relationship questions with my friend

This is an interview with my friend talking about things about a relationship and what she thinks about certain questions about relationships. We talk about many green and red flags in a relationship.