Rabbi Klass Interview – Judaism

Interview with Rabbi about what it means to be Jewish, best part about the job and faith in general.

The Mother

Interview with my mother about her life, family, and faith

The Love of a Mother- An Interview with my Mom

I sat down with my mom and asked her a few questions regarding motherhood. I learned something new and took a walk down memory lane with some of the questions.

Susan Seehaver and Kim Spitzmiller

[Recorded: Thursday, April 28, 2022] Susan (73) and Kim (60) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, VA. Susan is recently retired, having worked in both the church and at Monticello for many years. Kim retired from the pharmaceutical...

Danette House and David Thompson

Niece Danette House (61) interviews her uncle David Thompson (79) about his life in the Ozarks, his career in public service, and adopting his son.

Lincoln High School Students + Dan Hallowell

Dan Hallowell is interviewed by Lincoln High School students and shares about having 14 children, his career in janitorial work, his faith and advice for young people.

Lincoln High School students + Bob Frye

10th grade students interview elderly Walla Walla resident Bob Frye, father of teacher April Sorensen about his life, experiences, and advice for young people.

An interview with Darrel Snyder

Interview with my grandfather about his life and meeting my grandmother.