Empower One Another – Kathleen O’Neal

In this StoryCorps interview, Kathleen O’Neal talks about various topics in current day era. From the ideology of friendship, to having faith in humanity. This interview will open your eyes to a new perspective on the world.

Jenesi and Harrison's Interview

I interviewed my best friend Harrison, 19 years old, he is a Native American from the Cherokee tribe. I asked him questions about kind people he’s met, if he has any regrets, and he expresses his desire to follow and...

Interview with Abueli

This interview was between me, Ashley Pazos and Jose Lenza, my great grandfather who is 86 while I’m 18. We talked about his life in cuba, and a brief mention of life in America.

Interview with Luly Almeida

I (Francesca Mestre, 17) interviews my mom (Luly Almeida, 50) on May 7th, 2023 on a Sunday afternoon. We spoke about her childhood, past relationships, raising her 4 kids and how she met me. We also touched upon traditions that...

My Sister’s Journey

I did an interview with my sister Catherine Fortun. She is 21 years old and attends Barry University where she is pursuing Nursing. Here in this interview we speak about her faith, her struggles in life, and the field of...

My Uncles Story of How He Overcame Drug Abuse

in this interview I briefly went over the story of my uncles journey through drug abuse. I asked him questions such as how he believes this shaped him as a person and how he got through it.

Including Jesus in the leadership triangle

Adam Sauer, lead pastor of The Mount Church- focused on meeting people where they are and always looking “for one more,” discusses his take on leadership as it pertains to the leader, followers, environments, and the greatest leader of all...

Oral History Project

I, Gena Escanaverino 18 years old, interviewed my mom, Natalie Escanaverino 51 years old, on anything and everything having to do with life and it’s beautiful ups and downs. We also discussed faith and it’s applications on our lives. we...

Adrian Tirtanadi and Sara Farooqi

Adrian Tirtanadi (38) and friend Sara Farooqi (37) discuss their journeys of disconnection and reconnection to Christianity and Islam respectively.

Talking with PaPa Steve

Mac McSwain (age 11) interviews his Papa Steve Howard (age 69). They discuss his first kiss, his parents lives, and the role of religion when he was growing up.