Laverna’s Interview

Avery (17) interviews Laverna (73) about her life in Michigan, travels to California, relationships with parents, love life, grief, and exploring the United States.

Interview With Ryan “Ziggy” Zunker

Couple Jordan Townsend (24F) and Ryan Zunker (29M) discussing things we didn’t know about one another.

Rebecca Arendt and Marcin Arendt

Rebecca Arendt (no age given) speaks with her husband, Marcin Arendt (no age given), about how they met in college, music's role in their lives, visiting Poland together, and their love for Memphis.

Meet the Walkers

Ruth and Richard Walker both grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. Both sides of their families were recent immigrants to the country from Croatia and Poland, as part of the Eastern European mass immigration to the Midwest. After recently celebrating their...

Rosie Bolton and her grandmother Martha Bolton reflect on the past

In this interview, conducted in November 2023 in Chelsea, Alabama, Rosie Bolton (17) interviews her grandmother, Martha Bolton (71). They reflect on the past, share hopes for the future, and reminisce over the highs and the lows of a life...

Recording – 11-27-2023 09:54:18

Blaine Bunney, 17, son Jason Bunney, 46, Father How they met, where did they fall in love, and how did he propose

The Big Yellow and White Truck

My Italian/Ukrainian Grandma talks about her childhood and raising her kids. Even though it was hard for her and her husband to earn enough money to raise 2 girls and 2 boys, she remained humble. She remembers how they waited...

Bernard Green and Garrad Green

Garrad Green (47) interviews his father Barnard Phillip Green Sr. (75) about growing up in Philadelphia, relocating to Alabama, lessons he has learned through fatherhood.