Julie Kaufman and Beth Wright for Stonewall OutLoud

Beth and Julie tell Karen about falling in love at Oberlin College, moving to California and later Chicago for graduate school, finding a welcoming Episcopalian church, having a ceremony, beginning their journey to have children during the AIDS epidemic, becoming...

Mom’s Life Story

My moms life in a nutshell was characterized by a time of never ending surprises. Never would she have imagined being an Afghan immigrant at the age of 17 to America that she would be where she is today: happy.

Interview With my Grandma

My grandma recalls her life in Vietnam and America after immigrating.

Interview with my Mother (pt. 2)

In this part of the interview with my mother, she continues to talk about her husband and her daughter. Specifically, what she is most proud of of her daughter.

Interview with my Mother (pt. 1)

In part 1 of this interview, Nidia talks about hardships in her childhood such as living in poverty and being abused by relatives. She also speaks about her marriage and states specific details including how she met her husband and...

An Interview with my Dad

In this interview, my dad starts off by talking about his childhood life and describes his experience when migrating to the United States with his family. He states some of his struggles while in the United States such as learning...

“I guess yeah, I did resent having a kid in the beginning”

An interview with my sister in-law about her pregnancy before marriage, her postpartum depression, and how these things have taken a toll on her life.

Senior to Senior project

In this interview I talked to my grandma’s brother. I got an insight on what politics was like when he first was able to vote, and some tips on how to take on the world