Natasha Herring and Virginia Vasquez

Friends and soul sisters Natasha Herring (48) and Virginia Vasquez (40) remember their grandparents' life and talk about how they have been influenced by them at various stages in life.

Genevieve Mitchell and James Chavez

Siblings Genevieve Chavez Mitchell (66) and James "Jim" Martin Chavez (64) come together to share memories of their grandparents on the Chavez and Tafoya sides of their family, as well as memories they have from growing up.


I Ian Yeara interviewed my mother, Deborah Yeara; a special education teacher at Cosgrove Middle School (Spencerport) for 38 years. We talked about how education has changed over the years and we discussed how her/my family shaped her upbringing.

Interview with my grandmother, Arlene Dawson.

Summer Dawson interview with her grandmother, Arlene Dawson, on April 8, 2023.

Greetings Grammy

this interview was about me, talking to my grandmother and her family history and letting me learn more about herself.


Emily Stephenson and Tyler Stephenson learn more about family history.

Aaron Taylor and Joseph Moreno

Cousins Aaron Taylor (45) and Joseph Moreno (40) share a plática about their family history and Indigenous ancestry, the value of language and culture in education, and the intricacies of mestizo identity in New Mexico.

Kate Keenan, Shannon Seaton, and Carl Garcia

Friends Kate Keenan [no age given], Shannon Seaton (49), and Carl Garcia (31) discuss family memories, September 11th, and growing up in a border town.