A chat with grandma

Megan (30) and her grandma Mary Jane (81) spent some time reminiscing about Grandpa Jr., who recently passed away. You can hear lots of love even through a few tears.

history interview

in this interview I question my brother about his overall life and thoughts

Recording – 04-07-2024 16:33:12

This is an interview with Ramy Georgy, talking about his life from Egypt to America.

Malone Family History Part 2

The family has moved to Long Island and my dad goes to high school. He profiles his parents and describes family activities.

Meghan McCarroll and Marya McCarroll interview Mary Louise McCarroll about her maternal Grandparents

Two cousins interview their aunt about their great grandparents to learn more about their family history

Aunt interview- 03-22-2024 22:53:34

talked about what my aunt experienced and what were her thoughts and advice for me and future family.

Charlotte May and Nancy Gibbs

Nancy Gibbs (64) and her daughter Charlotte May (29) reflect on their individual and shared memories at Chautauqua Institution as Charlotte looks forward to having her wedding there in a few months.

Jonathan Schmitz and E. Arnn

Friends Jonathan Schmitz (68) and E. "Ted" Arnn (77) share what led them to Chautauqua Institution, and what they love most about the place. They also describe their collaboration on preserving family and Chautauqua history and offer advice to new...