Mary Hammond and Kevin Kuroda

Mary Hammond (64) and her husband, Kevin Kuroda (63), reminisce about the time they flew to France to retrieve Kevin's late Uncle Robert's class ring which would have them build a family bond with a stranger and retrace Robert's military...

Anne Mitchell and Thomas Tisdale

Colleagues Thomas S. Tisdale (83) and Anne Mitchell (60) talk about South Carolina's history and their personal projects of tracing family genealogy.

Edwin Anderson and Morgan Blanchard
September 9, 2021 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Edwin Anderson (33) and Morgan Blanchard (57) discuss their upbringings, their professions, and their political beliefs

Richard Baker and Sierra Grissom: From the Airforce to COVID-19

Sierra Grissom (18) interviews her grandfather, Richard Baker, to hear about his experiences throughout his life. The conversation goes from a story of a young man who joined the military to provide for himself and his young wife to a...

Lauren & Gary Howe: "Hold up your hand. How many fingers do you have? If you die & have that many people in your life, you're a wealthy man"

Lauren Howe (29) talks with her dad, Gary Howe (70) about his childhood growing up in Western Massachusetts, his experience in the military during the Vietnam War, meeting his wife (Theresa Howe), and his naturalist and artistic tendencies throughout the...

Cecil Durbin | about his mom and dad

I (Paul) interviewed my dad, Cecil, on January 1, 2020. I focused on finding out some details and stories concerning my Grandpa and Grandma.