Barbara Hester Kurtz and Susan Scott Peterson, November 7, 2020

Barbara Hester Kurtz (87) talks with her granddaughter Susan Scott Peterson (39) about her mother's sister, Mildred Scott, who died several days before this interview. Mildred grew up on a farm in Mississippi and was the last of seven siblings...

farm of discrimination

jacob went to a family reunion at a farm. then he and his mom went to a store to get some food and the owner said they were not welcome because bikers went to there family reunion and the town...

Becca Werginz and Janice Gutbrod

Janice Gutbrod (83) shares the story of adopting her daughter Linda, as well as how Linda was reunited with her birth mother, with her book club pal Becca Werginz (26).

J. Brian Weller and Sarah Padgett

Sarah Padgett (25) interviews her great uncle J. Brian Weller (86) about his childhood, the relationships that have shaped him, and his hopes for the future of their family. Throughout their conversation, they remember Richard Sanderson White, who was J....

Nancy Sills and Jim Sills

Spouses Nancy Sills, (67) and Jim Sills (67), sit down to preserve some memories for their children and their grandchildren. They describe the strong communities they each grew up in, share their favorite stories about various family members, and reflect...

Inez Blackmon and Vera James

Vera James (76) talks with her friend Inez Blackmon (69) about Inez’s childhood and about her family. Inez also talks about the person who had the biggest influence on her life, some of her happiest memories, the most important lessons...

William Rickard and Lisa Rickard

William "Bill" Rickard [no age given] and his daughter, Lisa Rickard (56) talk about Bill's life growing up in China and the Philippines, his adoptive family, and his military service.

Anna Stelmakh and Olha Stelmakh

Olha Stelmakh (52) interviews her daughter Anna Stelmakh (17) about who has inspired her to pursue art and music. They also talk about how they are looking forward to celebrating when they can gather with family again.

Burke Niego interviews Mary Niego McNamara about her family experience as the eldest of eight

Burke Niego (17) interviews her Aunt Mary Niego McNamara (56) about her family, influences, and life growing up in a big family. Mcnamara talks about her experience as the eldest of eight living in West Lawn on the south side....