Mom's Chicken Song
August 13, 2022 App Interview

Elodie Andrews (51) interviews her parents, Karen Andrews (82) and Larry Andrews (82), about "The Chicken Song," which Karen made up many years ago, and they also sing it for us (Larry adds back-up vocals). All four kids remember this...

America, meet Anna Snead

We discussed the beginnings of our friendship, Anna’s opinions on me, her family, and her experience in the workforce.

Thanksgiving with my mom

Me and my mom talked about, stories when I was younger.

Great thanksgiving listening

I interviewed my brother about Thanksgiving related questions along with some deeper ones

Interviewing my dad

Interviewing my dad about his life for school

Interview with Andrea part 2

Me and my sister Andrea doing an interview about our childhood. My sister was premature and she has a speaking disability

Interviewing Momma

Had an interesting conversation with Momma about family and when she was younger.

Interview with Miguel

This interview was with my dad who is actually like my best friend. He talked about raining my siblings and I, and also just life before us.

SPH Interview

Speaking in this interview we talked about everything from family to where they saw themselves in 10 years to where their favorite place to go on vacation is.