Tyler Cross and Patricia Cross

Tyler Cross (35) asks his mother Patricia "Pat" Cross (74) about her life, family and previous jobs. Patricia shares stories about her childhood, her journey to Montana and past relationships.

Lea Zikmund and Lisa Coffey

Lisa Coffey [no age given] tells StoryCorps facilitator and conversation partner Lea Zikmund (23) her experience surviving Hurricane Betsy and how the lessons learned from that event relate to the COVID-19 crisis.

Richard Keyes and Desirae Washington

Richard D. Keyes Sr. (85) and his granddaughter Desirae Washington (34) talk about their family history, how they were afforded different opportunities in their lives, and their hopes for the future.

Craig Brown and Mara Brown

Mara Brown (58) and Craig Brown (69) share family stories, the role of God in their lives and legacies for their children and grandchildren

Geological stories run in families, inspiring the next generation. An interview with Alik Ismail-Zadeh, Ramesh Singh, and Ritesh Gautam

With experiences from Azerbaijan, India and the United States, three scientists discuss how they’ve shared their passion for science in society and data transparency from generation to generation. They hope future generations continue to use data to help people withstand...