Meet A Baymen Family: Maxwell Shellfish!

Join Gretchen Maxwell, Bridgitte Bliss, and John Maxwell as they discuss their 6th generation business of shellfishing on the Barnegat Bay and the surrounding areas. They discuss the tradition of being baymen and what that in particular means to South...

Meet Decoy Carver: Dick Jessen!

Life-long tradition bearer, Dick Jessen and his family discuss his career in decoy making; his talent for painting, and how this tradition is being passed on to the next generation.

Learning More About my Father

Kiet Lam (49) talks with his daughter, Kathy Lam (18) about his childhood in Vietnam. He touches on personal bases on the lifestyle of Vietnam and the war. He compares what it’s like in Vietnam and here in America.

Questions with Mom

I (Maria Wagner (18)) interviewed my mom (Chris Wagner (54)) on Saturday, April 8th, 2023. We talked about many topics relating to her childhood, family traditions, hardships, happy memories, and her life today! We enjoyed getting to sit down together...

Family is Everything

Julianna Diodato (18) talks with her grandpop, Frank Diodato (77), about the their family's Italian history as they catch up after a while.

Sarah and Jacob French

Sarah French (85) talks with her grandson, Jacob French (19) about some of her childhood and family aspects.

Mary Jane Weatherford and Ben Weatherford

Ben Weatherford (44) has a conversation with his mom, Mary Jane "MJ" Weatherford (78), about family traditions, career, health, and aging.