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My dad’s experiences in New York!

Clover Leopold, daughter, interviews Michael Leopold, father, about his experiences and memories from his time in New York.

My mom talks about her life and her job
November 29, 2021 App Interview

I (Jay) ask my mom (Mia) about her life and her experiences as a nurse. First, I ask her about an important lesson she learned in life, which is not trusting everything someone says and doing your own research about...


We talked about how he escaped from from Cuba and how he kept his fame along the way.

Interview with Grandpa

Interviewing my grandfather about his experiences living in New Hampshire compared to Vermont.

The Interesting History of Carmelita Mixon

In this interview, Carmelita Mixon gives a glimpse of her life to her granddaughter, Maria Mixon. We discussed her relationship with Reginald Lewis, Modeling, New York, Her Husband, and living during Segregation. We hope you enjoy!!!

Interviewing David Lammers

The last part of my interview with my dad, unfortunately my phone died halfway through so I lost the first half.

Oral History Project

I ask a few questions & she answered them about he family & past.