A Girl’s First Pet

Evelyn(15) talks with her mom, Rebecca(43) about getting her first dog as a child. They talk about what her dog was like and what they did together as well as show a glimpse into what it was like growing up...

Ellie + Fred 12/4/23

Fred and I talk about his experiences growing up on a farm in the 80s and how his childhood was different from those growing up today!

Recording – 10-28-2023 15:21:49

Bill Warren talks about how lucky he was to grow up near his grandparents on their farm in Texas in the 1930s.

Recording – 10-19-2023 15:08:22

Bill Warren, 95, and daughter Cindy castevens, age 61, talk about growing up on the farm in Texas, and his grandparents’ role in his life as a young boy in the 1930s.

Gene and Joan Dalebroux

On their 65th wedding anniversary, Gene (87) and Joan Dalebroux (85) talk about the joy, adventures, and dangers of farm life in tiny Thiry Daems, Wisconsin. Listen as their daughter Jill talks with them about Belgian traditions, raising a family...

Barbara Hester Kurtz and Susan Scott Peterson, November 7, 2020

Barbara Hester Kurtz (87) talks with her granddaughter Susan Scott Peterson (39) about her mother's sister, Mildred Scott, who died several days before this interview. Mildred grew up on a farm in Mississippi and was the last of seven siblings...

Remembering Grandma

Interviewer, Mark Perkins (70), with wife, Sally Perkins (69), recorded April 24, 2023. Sally shared recollections of her grandmother, Elizabeth Lowery (Blanchard) Seip.