Farm Life

The two people in the interview are Presley Panaro and Mary Jane Arrington, Mary Jane is Presley’s grandmother. The interview took place at Mary Jane’s House and Presley age is 14. Working on a farm is long, hard work but...

Grade Reclamation with Memaw

Talking with my Grandma about her long life full of experience.

Dad’s Business

My dad and I spoke about how his career’s success is all because of migrants.

Lessons learned: Growing up in a sharecroper’s family.

This is an interview with my stepmother’s mother. We talked about what it was like growing up in a poor sharecropper’s family, and how through hard work and education anyone can achieve a successful happy life.

HI 360 oral history project

Interview with my friends dad from Vietnam (Luc) translated and narrated by his son and my friend Loc.

HI 360 Daniel Wellons interviewing Mark Wellons

This interview was conducted by interviewing Mark Wellons which is a 4th generation farmer on the land that he lives on. He referenced his late father Williams I Wellons.


My mom, Julie Boden, is talking about her time with her grandparents.