Just a guy and his daughter

This is a story of Matt asking his daughter Larkin about her life. She may only be 14 but she and the rest of the family just went through the tragedy of losing their home and coming out stronger on...

Can I Say it was Covid?

My father and I have a short discussion during my visit, following his diagnosis of metastatic lung cancer.

Dr. Louis Caplan and his son Jeremy Caplan

Dr. Louis R Caplan (84) talks with his son, Jeremy Caplan (45) about life growing up in Baltimore, at Williams College, and in medical school at Boston, as well as meeting his wife, Brenda Caplan.

Interviewing Dad

I talked to my dad about his life since parenting me. I also asked about his life in school.

Dennis Murphy and Liv Murphy

Dennis Murphy (53) and daughter Olivia "Liv" Murphy (18) discuss Liv's high school and college experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, and her plans for the future.

My Amazing Grandfather

This interview, conducted December 30, 2020 in Tustin, California Brady Steinle (12) interviewed his grandfather, Thomas Roddel (81).I learned so much about my grandpa’s life. I learned about some of his personal experiences, childhood and his accomplishments. He talked about...

My Mother’s Story

i have interviewed my mother this evening. she tells her story and her story about my grandfather.