Recording – 11-24-2023 21:01:13

Interview with my dad, 52 years old, about life, lessons, and adivce.

Barbara Hester Kurtz and Susan Scott Peterson, October 3, 2020

Barbara Hester Kurtz (87) talks with her granddaughter Susan Scott Peterson (38) about her memories of World War II, being a teenager in a military family, living on an army base and her relationship with her father.

Leighanne Martin Wright and father Al Martin

Leighanne Martin Wright: 2023-06-06 14:37:39 Leighanne, 65, and her father Al, 95 talk about his memories of his father during WWII and his own experiences as a sailor in the Antarctic. Al also touched on his time aboard an icebreaker...

Deborah Palmer and Terry Maynard

[Recorded Friday, April 28th, 2023] Deborah (64) and Terry (43) have a One Small Step Conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Deborah is a mother of two from Richmond, Virginia and works as an Inspector for UVA's Facilities Management. Terry is a...

Interpersonal interview with my Dad

assignment for speech with professor Pissani’s class. I sat down with my dad and had conversation about life.

Donna McClure and Robert Vaughn

One Small Step conversation partners Donna McClure (58) and Robert Vaughn (70) discuss political systems like capitalism, crypto-currency, and economics and public policy. They consider starting a "common sense" party together.

Salvador war affecting millions of people's lives including my fathers

In this interview we talked about how the war that happened in salvador affected many people's lives. My dad gives his story.

Nick Rocca and Cheyenne Jenvey

One Small Step conversation partners Nick Rocca (34) and Cheyenne Jenvey (45) talk about the loss of their fathers, their childhoods, their faith, and their political views.