Interpersonal interview with my Dad

assignment for speech with professor Pissani’s class. I sat down with my dad and had conversation about life.

Donna McClure and Robert Vaughn

One Small Step conversation partners Donna McClure (58) and Robert Vaughn (70) discuss political systems like capitalism, crypto-currency, and economics and public policy. They consider starting a "common sense" party together.

Salvador war affecting millions of people's lives including my fathers

In this interview we talked about how the war that happened in salvador affected many people's lives. My dad gives his story.

Nick Rocca and Cheyenne Jenvey

One Small Step conversation partners Nick Rocca (34) and Cheyenne Jenvey (45) talk about the loss of their fathers, their childhoods, their faith, and their political views.

Annika Wester and Michael Wester

Annika Wester (16) talks with her father, Michael Wester (54), about his own father, growing up in Michigan and California, and how these experiences have shaped what matters to him most.

Belinda Bruner and Cynthia Blair

One Small Step partners Belinda Bruner [no age given] and Cynthia Blair (70) share their experiences with racism in small towns, their careers, their father's influence on their lives, and various other anecdotes.

interview with my dad

this was a interview with my dad for a speech class

Recounting the Past, Present, and Future (Pt. 2)

Christopher Schmid and his father share stories and recount the past

Story Corps Activity History 2022

We talked about generic subjects such as regrets and childhood.

Samuel and Brian Furches Interview

This is an interview between me, Samuel Furches, and my father, Brian Furches. This goes over the trials he had to go through parenting me and my brother.