Interview with Dad

For my study of fiction class, we were asked to interview someone. I have always wanted to ask my father about his time in the Vietnam War and he went through his time there, deployment, basic training, and the lessons...

Cleveland, fatherhood, and guitars with Darrell Branch

Lifelong Cleveland resident Darrell Branch talks about Greg Stiles as the biggest influence on his life and his son’s life, and their love of guitars

I love my life

A daughter interviews her Dad about his childhood, debating politics with his dad, when he became a hippy, hitchiking through Europe, discovering the rennaissance faire, and how he met my mom.

An Interview With My Father

In this interview I talked to my father (Reynaldo Castillo) about the attack on the twin towers. My fathers responses are in Spanish, I will translate them.

My Dad and his cousin

My dad and his cousin had the terrific idea to shine a light on people making out in their cars late at night in the 70’s and this incident is about the funniest instant karma story I’ve ever heard

Chatting with my dad

I’m doing this as an English class project. I am simply chatting with my dad and asking him some questions that interest me about him


conversation with my dad

Theresa Foley and James Foley

Theresa Foley sits down with her father to learn about his life and experiences.