Stacy Sheets and Ronnie DeNoia

One Small Step partners Stacy Sheets (42) and Ronnie DeNoia (71) have a conversation about the influential people in their lives, what drives their voting decisions, and the "Don't Say Gay" laws.

Tamar Fagin and Mark Atkinson

One Small Step partners Tamar Fagin (72) and Mark Atkinson (67) talk about the layers of difficulty within difficult conversations, the impact of spirituality in their lives, parenting, and not fighting so hard against bullies that you become one.

Aidan Lewis and Jerry Yang

Jerry Yang is 22 years old and has been living in America for the past 7-8 years. We talked about the Chinese culture and how it fairs against American culture. We also talked about assimilating to different cultures and what...

Surviving Cancer as a Family

Rachelle (17), Michele (50). Daughter interviews mom about her experiences when her son Joaquin was diagnosed with cancer.

Rooster Story

Participant's names were Thomas Jones, my father who is 50, and myself who is 19. The topic we discussed was a story about when he was a child and living at a farm. He had an altercation with what he...

For The Hope Of It All
December 1, 2022 App Interview

I (Star) interview my mom (Sonia) about the not-so new topic of Covid-19. I ask about her experiences during lockdown. We conclude about how you always should keep hope and push through any challenges you face.

hurrican Katrina’s impact from the point of view on a small family

an interview with my father who made the decision to move our family out of Florida to Arkansas due to the damage that hurricanes had done and due to hurricane Katrina and how it played out