Grandmere + Eloise, Christmas 2021

Living at the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21

Immigration and women’s struggles

I interviewed my cousin who is a Mexican immigrant and law enforcement officer to gain her view on women's struggles.

LGBTQ+ Rights Youth Advocacy & Gender Equality

Amari Otto tells her experiences being a gay woman with her family, friends and communities.

Across the Border: Abortion Laws and Feminism

Hello everyone, in this interview I had the honor of interviewing my friend Arantxa Rangel, an activist for abortion rights and women’s rights in both El Paso and Ciudad Juarez to discuss the different perspectives of the laws and her...

Matthew Hargraves and his Aunt Kathy Schaefer discuss her experiences as a girl and womanhood.

I asked my Aunt Kathy a few questions about what her experience was being a young woman growing up in the 1960’s and what kind of expectations were placed on her. This was a practice interview and it was not...

Jenna Walters interviews her grandmother, Gayle Jansen, about her experiences as a woman throughout her life

In this interview, Jenna Walters (21) talks to her grandmother, Gayle Jansen (73) about her experiences as a woman throughout her life. Ms. Jansen discusses her experiences as a girl and what her life was like raising children. She also...

Eva and her mom

Eva Wang (21) talks with her mother, Zhu Hongying (48) about the memory in her childhood and the reason why a woman need to have a kid.