The effect of a sword

I interviewed my coach Carla Corbit about her experiences as a fencing coach and competitive fencer (+some input from Margo Miller)

"We Were Reunited"

Melina Plummer (16, Grandaughter) and Maureen McCarthy (58, Grandmother) Discuss a multitude of topics. Being a single mother and being the first generation of Women to work full time is tough. Maureen has lived through a lot and has a...

"I'm still figuring out what I want to be when I grow up": Allison Dietrick

Reed Dietrick (16) talks to her mother, Allison Dietrick (48), who shares a story of reclaiming her identity and finding happiness after a lifetime of chasing external validation.

Grandmere + Eloise, Christmas 2021

Living at the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21

Immigration and women’s struggles

I interviewed my cousin who is a Mexican immigrant and law enforcement officer to gain her view on women's struggles.

LGBTQ+ Rights Youth Advocacy & Gender Equality

Amari Otto tells her experiences being a gay woman with her family, friends and communities.

Across the Border: Abortion Laws and Feminism

Hello everyone, in this interview I had the honor of interviewing my friend Arantxa Rangel, an activist for abortion rights and women’s rights in both El Paso and Ciudad Juarez to discuss the different perspectives of the laws and her...