Darlene Dabbs and Vicki Smith

One Small Step partners Darlene Dabbs (69) and Vicki Smith (61) sit down for a conversation about their childhoods, religious beliefs, and political standings.

Austin Reilly and Aaron Cummings

One Small Step conversation partners Austin Reilly (29) and Aaron Cummings (23) talk about feminism, culture, and the differences between and learnings from Gen Z and Millennial generations.

Travis Tavana’s Interview of Terri Tavana & Zona Taylor: Women Growing Up vs. Society

Travis, a student at Eastern Michigan University located in Ypsilanti, MI, conducts this interview. He questions his grandma, Zona Taylor and his mother, Terri Tavana, on June 14th of 2023. The three of them discuss Zona Taylor and Terri Tavana’s...

Conversation with Lidieth Hart

A conversation between Ricardo Mendoza (25) and Lidieth Hart (70) about how society views women from birth to old age. She shares her experiences with me and talks of how she feels about life as a woman. Lidieth describes how...

Carol Hildebrandt’s experience on women hood, interviewed by Kara Sahlberg

In this interview, conducted in june 2023 located in the area of south lyon, michigan. Kara Sahlberg (20) interviews her former middle school teacher Carol Hildebrandt (63) regarding her upbringing in a society dominated by the male gender. Ms. Hildebrandt...

Liz Hicks and Patrick WALSH

One Small Step partners Liz Hicks (78) and Patrick Walsh (55) discuss moving away from the Catholic church, how they became aware of racism, and why they fear social isolation is harming our country.

Chris, Judy, and Jenny Hunter

Jenny Hunter (45) interviewed her parents Judy Hunter (74) and Chris Hunter (73) about their childhoods in Rhode Island and New Jersey, how they met at Brown University in 1968, their decision to get married, the early years of their...

Anita Rodriguez and Naomi Love

Anita Rodriguez (82) shares the stories of her life with her conversation partner Naomi Love (27), reflecting on age, art, and her activism. Anita also speaks about the dynamics of race, racism, and culture, particularly through the lens of growing...