Arvis’ Story

Arvis’s story of being the first Black man in arkansas baseball. What got him to baseball. what his struggles where after getting on the team. his journey to opening doors started in 1974.

Deon Reese Interview with Kapono Rawlins

In this interview, we discussed childhood, growing up as a student athlete, and plans after school.

Interview with Dr. Samuel A. Ollio

On January 5, 2023, in Lambertville, NJ, John Whelan (15) interviewed his grandfather, Dr. Samuel A. Ollio (84) about his early childhood growing up in town, as well as his baseball career throughout college and beyond. He talks about his...


in January 2023 in doylestown Pennsylvania. Quentin Park (15) interviews his uncle Min Lee (43) about his life in college. He got accepted into college with his baseball skills. Lee advises how to get into college and to always have...

Richard Dice and Robert Bolton

One Small Step partners Richard "Dick" Dice (77) and Robert Bolton (67) discuss adoption, younger generations, and divisiveness caused by social media.

MLB fan attendance in the future

interview about how the MLB is changing over time resulting in decrease of fans.