Mary Ellen Pendergrast, Anne Topple, and Genia Duchon

Sisters Mary Ellen Pendergrast (76), Anne Topple (78), and Genia Duchon (70) share a conversation about their parents and the decision to preserve their childhood home as public green space known as Woodlands Garden.

Joe Davis and Barbara Davis

Siblings, Barbara Davis (61) and Joe Davis (54), reminisce about their childhood in Miami, FL, tell stories about their family traditions, and reflect on how their parents helped shape who they are today.

Carol DeHart and Pamela Cook

Friends, Carol DeHart (64) and Pamela Cook (67), share a conversation that reflects on their early life, their meeting in college, the way their careers developed, and finally, their faith and spiritual beliefs.

Nick Brothers interview with David Lyons

Talking with my good friend and roommate Nick Brothers. Talking about his adventurious and outdoorsy side. Touched upon family and personal life as well.

IInterview for Rader

I learned a lot from him. He has really helped me grow as a person