Celebrating Thanksgiving as an Immigrant

For my interview, I chose to record my dad who is 57 years old, and is a retired member of the air force. My dad is originally from Biliran, a province in the Philippines, and grew up in the rural...

Allan Bergano and Dorothy Cordova

Allan Bergano (70) speaks to his Auntie Dorothy Cordova (91) about their experience as members of the Filipino-American community in Seattle, Washington. Allan shares his experience with bussing during school integration in Seattle and Dorothy reflects on her work as...

What’s It Like To Be A First-Generation Child In America

Catherine interviews her dad, Roderick Pablo, about his life of being a first-gen child here in America. She seeks to know how life was for him and the family.

Interview with my mom, Marie: Battling the Cold and Leaving to Get the Fortune (Brief Version)

I, Nikki Malazarte, interviewed my mom, Marie Malazarte, who has immigrated to the U.S. from the Philippines since 1990. My mom has stayed in the US for 30 years now. Through this interview, I hoped to provide my mom the...

Jennifer Magalong, Salvador Magalong, and Michelle Magalong

Michelle Magalong (42) and Jennifer Magalong (46) interview their dad, Salvador Magalong (75), about his time in the U.S. Navy and what that meant for what he could offer his family.

Lani Bautista Cabanilla and Edwardo Gillison

Lani Bautista Cabanilla (37) speaks with her museum colleague and friend of the board Ed Gillison (50) about their respective roles at The New Children's Museum, their first experiences visiting the museum, the impact it has for children and adults...

Praying at the Piano

Paulist Father Ricky Manalo's main ministry is music. But he's also a teacher at Santa Clara University, and around the world, about liturgy and culture. He writes reflections in the devotional book "Give Us This Day." Fr. Ricky is of...