Arthur Mills IV and Sarah Krauss

Arthur Mills IV (48) shares a conversation with new friend Sarah Krauss (32) about his experience at the University of Texas, the community at the University and the McCombs School of business, and his career path.

Parent Interview

How to manage money, and what to do for managing it.

Nikolas Stankovic & John Rodden

John Rodden is a father to Noah Rodden, a very good friend of Nick. Growing up, John has been like a second father to Nick and offered him tons of advice growing up. Although he is very soft spoken he...

Kaden and Tracey Fridley – The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Tracey gives insight on lessons she learned throughout her life such as knowledge in finance, nutrition, raising children, and running her own business. She also talks about where and how she grew up as well as many fun, exciting work...

RMC Interview Project
February 23, 2020 App Interview

My interviewee told us briefly about his work experience and his field of work. We discussed goals, what drives him, obstacles faced among other things

Callaway’s finance

Callaway tells me about his financial decisions

Managing Money

Me asking my mother on how she managed her money and how she would like to see me do it