Avery & her Dad talk about his experience as a firefighter

In this interview, developed in Alexandria, Indiana on November 26, Avery Cuneo (16) interviews her dad Brian Cuneo (42) about his experience while being a firefighter. Brian shares his experience on becoming a firefighter and shares many stories about the...

The Big Yellow and White Truck

My Italian/Ukrainian Grandma talks about her childhood and raising her kids. Even though it was hard for her and her husband to earn enough money to raise 2 girls and 2 boys, she remained humble. She remembers how they waited...

Penelope LePome and Mary Avery

Penelope LePome (77 ) and Mary Avery (63) discuss California geopolitics, the pressures of being a public official, and the impacts of Covid 19 on their respective communities.

Interviewing First Responder, Chris Todd. May 14th, 2023.

Interview between Chris Todd (age 43) and Taylor Smith (age 19) discussing functions and challenges of being a firefighter. Firefighter Todd also gives valuable and beneficial advice to people interested in this line of work!

Bonnie Mitchell and Michael Ford

One Small Step partners Bonnie Mitchell (33) and Michael Ford (43) sit down for a conversation about the polarization of politics and creating change through community outreach.

Lucia talks about her Papi

she shares her perfect day with Papi and a favorite memory and what they spoke about before he passed away.

Dawson and Arlen Summers, SJSU COMM 111P Fall 2022 – Fire Department Training.
October 7, 2022 App Interview

Dawson Summers interviewed Arlen Summers about training and communication for the San Jose Fire Department. This is a San Jose State University class project. Topics: Physical Training, Psychological Stress, and Communication.